Book 1:1 Session

With the help of this calendar you can schedule a free video session with me (before December 31, 2020). You may choose suitable time and date. Keep in mind that average training session lasts at least 60 minutes though it may take longer depending on a flow of a conversation and all questions being covered. Not ready to book yet? Contact me here.

What I can help with

  • General questions for new teachers
  • How to choose your teaching niche
  • Teacher-student relationship, student-teacher relationship
  • Student psychology
  • How to work with children 2-6 years old
  • How to behave with parents of younger students
  • Useful materials online
  • How to explain grammar better
  • How to start working / teaching abroad
  • How to evaluate your lesson ($)
  • How not to burn out at work
  • The moral, psychological support of the teacher
  • How to prepare students for IELTS, Cambridge exams
  • How to become a Cambridge examiner and is it necessary
  • What is the difference between one-to-one  and group private lessons
  • How to behave if a student is much older than you
  • How to behave in the classroom
  • The image of the teacher
  • CELTA (is it necessary and how to survive it)

What you won’t find in our sessions

  • What you can find on google or in quick/easy access
  • Teaching methods + a bunch of complex terminology
  • Slides, graphs, tables, numbers
  • Restrictions, frameworks, prohibitions, imposing one’s opinion, unsolicited advice
  • Guarantee that after the session everything will immediately become great and successful